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A Cursory Look at Reasons for Collecting Books

This post was inspired by a post I caught on Facebook (@BooksonBustle). Recently I’ve come across a number of observations vibing about ‘too’ many books. I’ve as well peeped photos where it is obvious that the owner of said photographed books are challenged by what to do with their overpowering collection of books. I’ve even walked in places furnished by card-tables and cardboard boxes lining barren walls, filled with books.

Now, before I get going...elucidating appropriate ways to view ‘too’ many books, I must point out I respect the perspective of the writer who authored the Book-Bustle post.

Once upon a time I borrowed a practical number of books I could reasonably read within a 2-week borrowing period from public libraries. And if I happened to purchase a book brand new, a rarity prior to 2009, I usually read it...and apparently as I’m now realizing...stored it somewhere out of sight.

But that was then...before reading, writing, blogging, reviewing and publishing books, and recom…