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Deciding What to Read Next…

Deciding what to read next is something like deciding what to eat next. Will it be homemade soup and saltines, a full spread to include the kitchen sink, or simply leftovers?

The thing is, I just finished reading Pearl Cleage’s ‘What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day,’ and Erma Bombeck’s ‘At Wit’s End’… (my thoughts here and here). Both books were good. Actually it's kind of funny how I literally tripped over Bombeck's book after it must've fallen from my bookcase. Talk about a book talking; I guess nudging me in its own way to be read. None-the-less both books are certainly worth recommending to anyone who hasn’t read in a while and not in a mood for extra drama. These books are what I call glucose controllers. They won’t mess with your blood pressure, not that I’m looking for mines to be messed with, but I am over here wringing my hands looking forward to opening ‘that’ book!

Honestly, I fear what might be behind the cover, ‘Pain Don’t Hurt’ by Mark ‘FightShark Miller’. Usually this has proved to be a good thing. Life on the Color Line, Smartest Guys in the Room, and All Souls were books that initially grabbed me this way ...before cracking them open.

I did, however, crack open ‘Threesome,’ a novel by Brenda L. Thomas, and closed it right away. I love watching Colombo, except my current mood has little oomph to play detective trying to figure how who, when, where, why and what about familiar folks and topics.

At the moment I don’t feel like guessing about nothing, which is why… psst… I AM IN LOVE with Gandhi’s autobiography… well at least the part I started reading. It’s a big book though. It’s sooooooo long, the reason I put it aside. Books like this I prefer to really take my time sitting with.

It’s kind of the same feeling I’m getting from Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, another book I peeked into. Though it's not terribly long, gosh... I love old-school lit like this...memorish reading content written in them long winding sentences, making me feel like I'm pulling on my first Easter dress.

Needless to bring up; drumming on about how high my to-read stack is stacked, and how many other books have me wringing my hands vexed about what to read next, because lo and behold…this isn’t all.

I just received another bundle of books and ‘My Life, My Love, My Legacy’ by Coretta Scott King is among the bundle!

This was a fun post to write because now even I’m looking forward to my ultimate thoughts on every one of these books mentioned in this post.

Happy Reading.


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