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Readers? Authors! Have You Ever…

This post was inspired by a high-school friend posting a ‘sort of’ bucket list of numerous exploits many may, or may not have experienced. Most escapades on the list she checked, goading me to reinvent a similar checklist, albeit in a literary vein.

Below is a list of literary tangibles, most I can check. I’m throwing this out there however, to see how many passing by might relate in a way of being able to say you’ve been there, seen it and done it too.

AUTHORS! Have You Ever…

Cried while writing a book?
Laughed to tears while writing a book?
Wrote one manuscript in one week (50K+ plus words)?
Wrote a book with 100K+ words?
Been rejected by a traditional publisher?
Been accepted by an agent?
Been published traditionally?
Got a bad review?
Been told to tone down your books (too much…racy or otherwise)?
Hosted a book-signing?
Sold 50+ books, of one book, at one event?
Caught someone (unknown…a stranger) reading your book in public?
Been asked for an autograph?
Landed a radio interview?
Invited to speak at a literary conference?
Been a panelist at a literary event?
Been to a book-signing?
Ever been to BEA? (Book Expo America)
Traveled to another state (or more than 1000 miles) to attend a literary event?
Read more than 25 books in one year…cover-to-cover?

READERS? Have You Ever…

Read a book (cover-to-cover) in one sitting? (Jack and Jill counts)
Thrown a book against a wall (or really, really wanted to throw the author against the wall)?
Wrote a critical review for a book you read, but disliked? (i.e., the same way you would write ‘negative' feedback to a current employer)
Wrote a review? (…and a reader reviewed (alas commented on) your review)
Recommended a book? (you didn’t like, or read)
Met and held a conversation with a famous author? (…but didn’t know it until after-the-fact)
Collect real books? (…own a personal library in your home)
Bought a book second hand? (ethically)
Own a book, brand new, full retail price? (legally)
Bought a book based on the cover (a bad/explicit cover…or title)
Rejected…passed over a book based on the cover (hated the photo)
Read an e-book (the entire book)?
Listened to an audio book (the whole tape)?
Laughed to tears at a book? (at your desk, or while at work)
Sobbed uncontrollably while reading a book? (standing out in the rain)
Read a book you almost stopped reading (and ended up loving)
Read a book in public (and was challenged…or given a dirty mean look!)
Still talk about a book you loved, Loved, LOVED? (…and loaned it!?!)
Read a book that changed your life? (Who Moved My Cheese!)

How many did you check? Twenty from one or the other list? …or, How about forty from combined lists? If yes, then You’re a Literary Maverick!!!


  1. 25 for both lists--not too shabby. Love this. Thanks so much. Sharing!

    1. Not shabby at all Karen...umm...I mean Literary Maverick! 😉 Thanks for sharing, and dropping in.

  2. Author - 3 checked. Reader - 18 checked! So funny to learn others have thrown a book across the room! I do remember the two that received such fate from me. I'll keep them to myself though. :D

    1. 🤣... on throwing books against walls, so long as it wasn't one of mines😳. Funnier though, is if you walk across the room and get the book to finish reading it... which I've done. Guess that's a sign of a REALLY good book. 😉

    2. LOL! It was years, not yours!! :) I'd made it to the end on both and wished the time was given back to me. One was a bestseller and eventually into a movie. I read it long before the movie rights. Go figure... different strokes... alas. LOL. The other was by one of my favorite authors, so she'd let me down quite a bit, but I didn't stop reading her work! I hate to not fnish a book. In many cases, if i don't care for it initially or even if the pacing is slow in the beginning, I keep going to realize how glad I was to do so. In those two cases - ugh. :D

    3. ssseeesssh😅wiping sweat off my brow. And I know. I've read a number of books I almost gave up on but was glad I hung on. O, the stories I have to tell. Maybe I should add this as a challenge...reading one book that isn't working for me AT ALL, past page 20! Usually I'm done at this point, and rarely look back. My to-read list is too high.

  3. Thanks for popping in at the Really Real Housewives blog and commenting on my guest post. (I'll be there on Wednesday and Friday, too.) Thank you, ma'am.

    Go figure. I'm a writer, but I checked off more items from the readers' list than from the writers' list. (Maybe that's because I read an average of 100 books a year, and I, um, don't write NEARLY that many, HA!)

    Nice to meetcha. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Susan. It's refreshing knowing this many writers who are avid readers too;-)


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