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Fans, Fame, Fortune and Fun: Making A Cake, and Eating it Too!

January 2009 when I first started blogging, I had neither expectations nor a plan for OEBooks. From the get go I started out exploring and soaking up knowledge on who was doing what, when, where and why in the book blogging ecosphere. This was a new space for me.

I learned a lot; how to draw fans, get likes and comments, and the one where I focused the most attention, building a reading audience.

Through blogging there've been a few BIG HITS; and a comparable BIG MISSES. Reminds me of something someone said to me once; 'how there are times when I’m on it... the humor and personality flowing...leaving none to spare. And then there are those other times when I’m so far off my game that it is a plural shame.'

Lifelong Unwavering Influence

It’s no secret. I don’t go out of my way to be liked; not to be mistaken for recklessly disregarding the feelings of others or intentionally trying to be irksome. A long time ago a mentor gave me unwavering advice that has served me a lifetime, any time I’m in doubt.

I was told if someone doesn’t like you, no matter what you do, they’ll never ‘really’ like you. YOU lose twice trying to twist and turn and reshape YOUR natural self to fit and fill the desires of others.

Saving the World

Someone once said to me, totally spinning my head around backwards...the reason I used that phrase in the heading, "that I wasn't going to save the world." I was so stunned by the remark, coming from someone very well respected, that I didn't offer a reply. I merely turned and walked away dazed. I don't recall what the conversation was about, but didn't realize I was giving this impression. I happen to believe the world is not in need of saving. Long after the last living particle turns to dust, Earth will continue spinning its halo of gases.

Valuing Your Own Thing!

The other day I came across a riddle, jesting about women wearing hair weaves. It struck a chord.

I don’t wear hair weaves or extensions, or fake nails, or put collegians in my lips, or wear panty butt lifters, or invest in breast augmenters… or buy into many other artificial rooters that might improve my looks. Heck, I’ve been singing for years about not paying content editors to erase my writing voice.