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Apologizing… Without Saying “I’m Sorry.”

Often passion has a way of skimping on positivity. I was watching (insert eye-roll) one of my favorite food network shows, where one contestant was describing the dish she made. She started out by saying her dish was not like (…something or the other). The host(s) frowned. They were looking for a reason to WANT to eat her dish, which in all fairness I was thinking if the dish didn’t taste like …let’s say… asparagus egg salad, I might want to eat it.

All said, I get the point. Knocking particulars that (as we’re so claiming) have nothing to do with what’s so great about our passion, can easily offend others before ever reaching the point where they want to taste the dish.

Speaking for Yourself

There’s often the inclination to feel more helpful, even noble, speaking and writing in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and clear up to marginalizing whole groups of people by stats, assumptions, ideologies and you name all the rest.

This is called writing/speaking with authority. Writing and Speaking on content that doesn’t focus on self. “See, I don’t focus on me, or talk about myself. I just talk about everyone else,” albeit, whether the data spread is halfway correct, marginally substantiated, or wrong as a dead end. You know... serious stuff.

Good Things Come to Those Who...

…Seek Good.

This is a Top 10 list of posts, articles, emails and such that spoke to me over the week, (now weeks).

In no particular order, first up is a new word I learned after my eye hooked on to a Word for the Day posted by #ForReadingAddicts on Facebook.

“Entendre” was the word…though I believe ‘Triple Entendre’ was used. Upon looking further into what was a new phraseology (thanks Prince) for me, all be dern I discovered my #1 best sold, most read poem Atlóta, is a ‘Quintuple Entendre???’

Addressing Complex Problems

It’s easy to point out problems. Often difficult to solve those problems. And rarer to find doers that actively employ humane resolutions to alleviate complex problems.

True Story...