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Practical Advice Only Artists Can Appreciate

To celebrate the occasion I'm posting the Top 10 Things a Writer (or Artist) can do when he or she has completed a large project, such as writing a 80,000 word novel like the one I just completed. This marks the 24th book I’ve written to date!!!

And so here I go… counting up to 10.

Perhaps we can start by looking around the house for things we likely misplaced while being hunkered in... You know, like our shoes, clothes to slip on, a hair comb, maybe our spouse???

--- Then, brush your teeth. People love good smelling breath and pretty pearly white teeth.

Writing UNAPOLOGETICALLY from the Soul Up

Time is precious, so I'm getting right to it. This month commemorates poetry. Thankfully I don't have to go out seeking from the great's inventory to re-share. I can pluck a few pieces from my own inventory. To date I've written hundreds of poems, quite a few published in my own poetry books.

Here's an all-time old-time favorite...

Entertain Me (first published inside Atl√≥ta © 2003 RYCJ)