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No Tricks, Just Another Storytelling Treat.

In jest of Halloween, an event I don’t celebrate in earnest but do acknowledge... is the energy behind this post.

Okay, so I just finished reading Steve Martin’s ‘Born Standing Up’, just after reading Night by Wiesel and Plan It by Sharon Lucas. My thoughts are here, here, and here. In short, each book turned me in opposite directions. Plan It was quite inspiring. I took one good note, and gleaned quite a bit of inspiration from the remaining content, almost as much inspiration as I got from Martin’s book. Wiesel’s book flat out sent a chill up my spine. In fact, this post started to go in a far steeper, deeper, darker direction, until I came to my senses and realized I’d better leave that direction alone. Some wisdom is best kept to myself; a slim version of hiding behind a mask, huh?

Storytelling Time: A Lesson on Taking Care of OUR Home

Here’s what I was promised when I decided to have children: My life would not amount to anything. It would be the last I’d see of an education. Life would be a temper-tantrum soiled-pamper drag. My children’s life wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans either. And, if this wasn’t a persuasive enough argument to clue me in on the terrible decision I was making, I was told my man would not marry me. He was going to walk off leaving me a single mom.

“But don’t hate the messenger(s). There’s no telling what may have been had not I taken those vows to heart.”

A Note of Gratitude…to ‘Somebody’ for ‘Everybody’

One piece of advice I beg authors to take from me, and that is to write from your heart. It’s fine if you chose to work with an editor who helps you clean up your writing. However, if you look on that page and the voice coming back at you, don’t sound nothing like you, then you must insist on having them words rearranged and arranged back to the way you wrote, dictated, or meant them. Be adamant. No compromising. This is important.

One Sentence Challenge – Breaking ‘Unique’ Out…in a Top 10 List

The list I need to challenge myself to write, is why I so often write real thorny like. That’s the revelation that really needs to be put out there, if it hasn’t already been figured out.

At any rate, my thorny writing does speak volumes to why I didn’t elaborate, (some many posts back), on ‘what makes my books unique’. I left my answer paraphrased at the quick, the easy, the lazy answer.