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Merry, Merry Christmas!!! Favorite Books Read this Year!

Welp, I met my reading goal this year. I read 50 books; though nearly 30 made it a real struggle to post this list. “The cream rose to the top” only after I created a matrix to figure which book truly stood out.

― A major influence is the Redeeming Factor. Did the entire story, from page one to the end, gel?

Pacing majorly figures into a well composed story too. Engage me!

All I Want For Xmas

I just finished reading 3 books… ‘The Inner Matrix by Joey Klein, Before the Colors Fade by Harry Reasoner, and The Grandfathers Speak by H├Čtakonanu’Laxk’. Quite gently… while written superbly, none of the books wholly gelled with my mood. But…but… this means I only have one book left to read to meet my reading goal this year.

In truth, because I’ve read so many good books this year, I don’t want to disturb this groove. My Top 10 list is all set and ready to be posted, drilling my Xmas wishes down to ZERO wants.

Dealing with Scrooge

Scrooge loves one thing; and that one thing is the exact same thing most who run into scrooges think they deserve.

The best way to deal with scrooge is to stop feeding scrooges our resentment… our anger… hostilities…grief… pain…payback… or bad karma. Scrooges love that stuff. They chow down on it, nest in it, and store up so much of it they never run out of it when they decide to start using it.