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The Benefits of Book Festivals

I have yet to leave one book festival not galvanized by the experience. If it’s not for returning home thinking about what I want to do differently at the next festival, then it’s being energized by so many books and authors at one time.

Saturday, August 29th I participated in a book festival at the 50 & Over 2015 Reunion located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The event was (of course) tremendous, a picture that has been playing in my mind over and over.

Reading Deal-Breakers: A Top 10 List

Like those with mating-dating deal-breakers, I can be a little finicky with reading peeves too.

Creating this list came to mind as I was sitting in a meeting viewing hundreds of books sitting in boxes. I could barely concentrate I was so distracted by these books partially hidden in boxes. I wanted to excuse myself, and right then and there unpack the boxes to fashion a library. So make this my number one peeve, I do not store books in boxes.

Pick A Book Up, and Get Your Mental Workout On!

The game I’m about to lay down should come with an advisory notice: You CAN play this game (at home) and (alone), BUT…

…as what many ALSO advise, it is unwise not to balance reading and writing… you know…otherwise, it is not advisable to do what I do All of the Time.

You could fool around and become really, really smart. Or you could become addicted, and end up losing all your friends, leaving you with a just a few real friends (really the only friends you ever had to begin with.)

But you could also LOSE IT!