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Rating Myself…

This post was inspired by Eva Lesko Natiello’s blog article on Huffington Post ‘Rate Yourself As A Mom On A Scale of 1 to 10’.

First, I must apologize for the break I gave my blog. With blogging being one of my preeminent pleasures, dare I venture into how difficult it was taking that very necessary break. I needed to focus, which to this end... I’d rate myself a “1” for being unable to so much as post an “out of office” notice. Gosh, that hurt.

Now, as for parenting, ‘O’ how tickled I got noting the ironies reminiscing back as I read Eva's moving post.

When my children were very small, today…and even back then... I’d rate myself a miserable 2, though kids probably would have rated me a 10 or, okay, so perhaps an 8½ back then.

Fast-forward some years...up to the high-school years, I’d rate myself a solid 9, if not 10, while my kids on the other hand would probably have rated me a 5, maybe even a 2.

Today I’d rate myself a 7; while both of my kids rated me a 9.5!!!

Eva said it best in her article, exactly what I was thinking and actually told my kids years ago. No matter how much as a parent you try to get it right, you’ll always mess up on something that is important to the child.

That said...I simply must add a special thank you to the San Fernando Elementary School faculty and staff for opening their school to OSAAT Entertainment for a solid day of storytelling, color and fun with Kiley’s Purple Hat. {Read the full story here}.

The enthusiasm that the students at San Fernando Elementary School, and faculty and staff showed for Kiley’s Purple Hat really moved me. It is proof to our entire team that this infectious creative story is an inspiration to young people, of both genders and across cultures.

...And thank you to the OSAAT Entertainment team (my children, and son-in-law), for being a large part of making our events successful.


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