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What Makes Reading Between the Lines Fun…

Take for instance this story… a time not so long ago when I was riding with a really, really good friend who was driving like Starsky & Hutch, in my mind for no apparent reason, ranting and raving about ‘all the lunatics’ on the road.

I had to ask what was the hurry? Wasn’t like we were rushing to an emergency room or anything. We actually were on our way to something like a mall, less than a mile away, on a picture perfect sunny afternoon… to window shop if I’m to be more specific.

What is Love?

From what I have learned, what I have found
…Love is unconditional
not provisional
…it doesn’t relate to ifs, ands, maybes or buts
it sometimes not only hurts, but cuts
…has nothing to do with sex
for we can LOVE our parents, our children, our pets, even our work
…and there be no SEX involved in any of it
so it matters none whether a person is short or tall
…big or small
can write well or play ball

What Feeds My Writing… A Top 10 List Inspiring Aspiring Writers.

It’s this quote I’ve looked for but cannot find! I’ve seen it several times on Facebook, and every time I do, I stop and reread it. I love it that much, but ironically never saved, or shared it because it touches me that deeply. If I come across it, I’ll share it, but for now can only describe it as an observer’s plea to understand the ‘ writer gannets’ that goes into published books.

Thinking about that quote, and looking at a chair full of books, is what inspired this post I’m writing for aspiring writers.

Puttin’ the Oomp! in Passion!

Nothing! Nix! Nein! Nada thing compares to the man or woman who lives and breathes passion in what they do.

I was listening to a sailor talk about the jobs on a ship―the Enterprise…or today, the USS Enterprise―and sat right up... my inspiration for this post. Immediately I was struck by the passion as he explained the importance of each job on the ship.

It took me back to teller work, nothing like teller work today, and true, nothing like teller work in the early 1900’s... recalling teller work explained in books like The Panic of 1907by Bruner and Carr.