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Meet She Likes It Rough Author, GVR Corcillo

It can happen, and did happen, receiving an email that caused me to pause. This time however, it was the title of the book that stopped me. At first, and true story, I thought someone was teasing me. But by the second line of the email, I was looking into book. What a snazzy title, a great cover I thought; and I absolutely love chic-lit.

The book came, and when my schedule finally opened up, I found myself in dire need to read something fun, funny, and as entertaining as She Likes It Rough turned out to be.

Important Traits for Effective Leadership

I just finished reading another Mood Enhancing book… Until Next Time… by JJ Ellis. I found the book on IAN – Independent Author’s Network… another reason to support the Indies, and as well another reason to support home-making-baking Moms.

How One Thing Leads to the Next...

Sure, most mean well, yet isn't it always the case, before the wind gets to stirring, there is always peace and calm. From the seas to the trees there isn't so much as a slight breeze. Everything just as tranquil and at ease, until busy bees start with the bzzz’s, turning a category nonexistent breeze, into a catastrophic storm.

And by the way, the caption below actually began with my doodling today... musing on purposeful must-do lists... interrupted.

Credibility: Ways to Gain, Lose, Restore, and Retain It

Credibility is important. And as if this needs to be pointed out, it ‘seems’ a whole lot easier to lose credibility, than restore it.

In a similar way as it can be said that there is a thin line between love and hate, is similarly the comparable line that can be drawn between owning up to mistakes, playing them down, or outright defending or disowning them.