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It Makes A BIG Difference

This post was inspired by a blog post I recently read. Tiny Library is changing its reading and reviewing practices, and so am I.

Instead of sectioning my reviews by ‘the Good, the mmeh okay, and the Best Part,’ I’ve decided to improve this verbiage.

Moving forward, (starting off the New Year a little early), I will structure reviews by providing a one sentence summary, a writing style sketch, a story pacing prĂ©cis, and my personal highlights along with the potential audience I see really enjoying the story. The change began tonight, starting with my latest reviews.

Feasting on Gratitude.

Having come across so many phenomenal books this year, and on top of that, having FINALLY achieved my reading goal for the year, I must parcel off my gratitude in appreciation of those books that made this happen.

Out of 50 some books read this year, 40 (3 not yet listed, plus 2 additional titles published by OSAAT Entertainment) reached my zenith... and then kept going. I have to take some credit however, having a pretty good idea of what books I believe spell quality to my spirit, and still, no matter... this is an incredible amount of great writing.

One Way to Thank a Veteran

The other day I enjoyed an unexpected treat. I happened to catch Shark Tank, which is among a select few ‘current’ TV programs I enjoy catching. Other than Chopped (which features service members as well), Shark Tank is one of the reality shows I'll interrupt what I'm doing to watch; such as what happened the other night when I overheard the Shark’s had opened the tank for veterans to jump in the money pit.

What a wonderful treat. Each of the veterans presented tough products, yet my favorite were the handgrips. Inexpensive scalable products usually always go over well in the tank. Michelle Obama’s salute to veterans buoyed this segment as well. Seeing veterans included in civilian events like this is encouraging.