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Open Book Talk: Uncensored Content

In an ecosphere rich in diverse cultures, made up of its own impulses, rules and laws tempered by whimsical uncertainties and vagueness, it’s not always easy to keep it real. Bite your tongue, and you should’ve spoken up. Speak up, and you should’ve put filters on it. Put filters on it, and you’re sugarcoating, or just being plain phony... even if only you know this.

So how do we keep it real in a climate full of ambiguity? This is what my next Open Book Talk will focus on.

Best Storytellas in Town Contest STARTS TODAY!

Just when the impish winter weather is finally cutting most of us (over here on the East Coast) some slack, I’m asking that writers and lovers of poetry pull out those keyboards and or pens, and join us in partnership with Concord Music Group, for our next ‘Best Storytellas in Town’ contest ...kicking off today. (April 1, 2014)