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March Reading Frenzy!!!

There is a global reading frenzy going on, and it's originating from Fabulosity Reads corner of the book blogging hemisphere. The book-tour promoter has more literature to share, this time in the form of eNovels; the frenzy running from the 27th through the 30th of March.

A Sound Argument on Fiction, Non-fiction, and Memoirs

Fiction, like memoirs, share one great inherent feature. There’s no arguing with a creative-based story. Not that readers won’t try, or haven’t tried, but once ‘a story’ is told, it’s rock solid indisputable.

Of course too, like this article in the Sunday Book Review points out, we can be all over a page arguing about what represents fiction, a memoir, and non-fiction. For this post I’m simplifying the arguable facts.

Loving Nate Social Frenzy Tour

Cheers to Celebrating Women Telling Stories, Writing and Publishing!

About the Book. Loving Nate is the story of a young woman who falls in love when she should have been standing in love, a concept introduced in the opening. Knowing nothing of the concept, heroine Leah is swept off her feet by a totally irresistible man named Nate. Beyond help Nate sadly takes advantage of Leah, drifting in and out of her life.

More On Powerful, Empowering Women

This post began as one of those things hard to let go of. Without going into the entire mushy story, let’s just say… I reached a point where I needed a laugh… desperately big time, which ironic as it was, I happened to look up at the TV, to see an actress who used to make me laugh, except I didn’t know her name.

What Comes Around, Goes Around…

A big while back, when I first heard the phrase ‘What Comes Around, Goes Around,’ I thought this meant mean people got paid back. But then I thought… wait a minute… that can’t be right! Innocent persons wronged would send this catchy phrase into a tailspin, like the cat that chases its tail. And, of course too, wrong persons wrong totally sucks the meaning out of the phrase. However, where this phrase really pulls its weight, is when seeing it in a frame of paying it forward.

Easy Like Sunday Mourning Book Tour!

Top Ten Most Influential Female Writers

When I think of trendsetters, groundbreakers, female trailblazers and pioneers in storytelling and literature, I think of JANE AUSTEN.

...And the other Most Influential Female Storytellers.

ANN PETRY was a phenomenal storyteller. 'Miss Muriel and other stories' is a favorite.