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Looking for Unique Frank Genuine Inspiration?

I found some. It's one of the best ways to keep the good feeling going, by passing along inspiration when we come to it. Lately I've been coming across quite a few articles, quotes, comments, and blog posts that have either had me nodding my head in agreement, or smiling generously. Below are TEN of my recent favorites collected.

On Yahoo… 'Grandma Drummer' Drums Her Way Into Internet Stardom'

Recommended by an Amazon Reviewer… Free Hugs: It's More Than A Campaign - It's A Lifestyle by David Melia

We Have A Winner!

We are very pleased to announce Terri Lyons as the 1st place winner of the Best Storytellas in Town contest.

'Dimensions of Music,' the first and only qualifying entry, won each of us over completely. Terri presented her music memoir in a series of stanzas that read much like a sheet of music as she recounted lessons her musician parents taught her. One of my personal favorite lines, reminiscent of a feeling I got from Duke Ellington's I've Got it Bad' was when "Mister Joe ground out gritty sounds while Mister Ray hit the bottom of his bass and walked it up to the top." See, sounds like that grab me, and there were many in this timeless moving piece… a truly must to experience musical score.

Mentoring a Go-getter… thru Storytelling

This post was inspired by a thought-provoking piece I came across, touching on a sentimental echo many might recall all too well… never forget where 'we' come from.

This phrase, 'never forgetting where 'we' come from', as like many others I've since been discovering, means a number of things to an assortment of individuals.

But take the remembering where we've come from, as if we could ever forget, we've probably seen and heard, and maybe even witnessed the events before. A child raised in the struggle running off to fame and glory, to never look back.