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Top Ten 2013 Most Impressive Books!

--- Deeply unique books leave indelible impressions on us. We don’t forget them.

--- The premises are superlative. Generally the title contains the premise.

--- The composing is musical. Sentence to sentence sort of like holds hands.

--- The word choice rocks. A writing artisan uses words like musical chairs.

--- The dialogue is all uptown. “I’ve done come up off all my knees to make it abundantly clear; rockin’ phenomenal stories are handled by off the chart storytellers!”

Meet Motivational Speaker & Author, Deborah L. Parker

It’s always a pleasure to meet other authors, and an extra treat when I’ve actually read their work. I get so stoked. It’s next to unwrapping a present, wanting to know all the ins and outs of how (or why) they created their story, or as in this case, narrative on strategies to improve our career and life based on the struggles and victories of the African American story.

Checked My List and Found the Definition of Good!

Welp! At least I met my reading goal for 2013. Of course, it wasn’t too much of a challenge reading 25 books… the net result of once challenging myself to read 50 books...and failing. I guess 36 books is my reading limit.

Life of a Cool Reading Geek

Before I even begin let me just promise this... this will be the coolest, sexiest, hip-STAR story you’ll ever read.

A wise person, and forgive me for being unable to cite who this wise person is/was... I don’t recall... but a very wise person, or maybe a many of wise people ---a few times over--- have told me that in order to know where I’m going, I’ve got to know where I’ve come from.