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Singing High Praises with Much Love & Appreciation

There was a small debate, fawning over whether to write that heading professionally straight, or reflective of my personal style when I'm touch by much generosity.

More so than enjoyable, and not without mention, full of anticipation pawing over every detail, from the justification to hold this event during the day, to carping over every word associated with this talk, this event went pleasingly well. So, I thank everyone who joined me in learning how we plan to engage literary communities. Your presence, and show of interest, was most inspiring and encouraging.

Tapping on Things Literature, Literacy, and Learning

Speaking of learning, I may as well start off with important matters first. I finished reading The Black Russian, and of course the book was phenomenal. This one is an absolute must read! Already posted my thoughts on Goodreads, Amazon, and (soon) my review blog.

Moving forward, at least until the end of the year, I will only consider reviewing books that are either satirical or humorous in nature. This still leaves the playing field open as satire and humor can fall under many genres; however memoirs, chic-lit romance, and literature (either historical stories, or biographies) are my preferences.

A Social Media Maze Mix

This should be a diverting post to pass time with; inspired in part by a Linked-In connection, and in part inspired by a great agglomeration of other muses… such as amusement.

Mama Red Knight, who writes in a sage voice I instantly connected with, wrote 30 Quirky Things You Don't Know About Mama Red on her "Sexy Back-ends for your Business" blog. And by the way, a great blog full of healthy content, though as I read down the list (on that particular post), I didn't notice anything out of character. I, did, however get a kick out of the tattoo she experienced at 44. None-the-less, and after some extra thought, already deciding this would be fodder for my next post, I got to thinking more and more…all the fun ways I could exploit 30 quirky things musing around me.