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Sex in Books

This is something I don't believe I've covered before. Surely this has to do with the fact, among other facts, I rarely read sex in books…except until here recently... and save for those books I read years ago. 
So now that I have a bevy of intimate reading gels under my belt, and this would include my own work, I'm going to see if I can list at least 5 sexual dispositions I've come across in books.
Note: This post is written PG-Modern Fashion. You'll only need to up the rating if you happen to have one of those impressively roving minds.
Now, let's see here...

A Responsible Musing on Book Covers.

This post dawned on me as I was reading this book where I constantly found myself flipping it over so that no one caught a glimpse of the cover. It's not a bad cover; just one large pair of lusty red lips and little else, except for some reason, (I've since noticed), I've gotten in the habit of turning down these covers… no matter what I'm reading. I actually think I remember the day this pusillanimity business started. I was reading one of Bill O'Reilly's books and happened to look up to find a pair of masculine eyes glaring at me. You can say I was embarrassed, because I was. But don't ask me to explain it any further because I can't. I guess it's something like how babies are 'generally' made. Most of us know how it's done, or happens, but most of us prefer not to advertise it while it's being done.

The Reading Divas Rocked the Weekend!

I'm not exactly sure how, or where, I want to begin this post, so I'm just going to do like I was taught when going for a swim in the pool, and that's jump right in, feet first.

Friday, October 19th and Saturday, October 20thThe Reading Divas hosted its 5th Annual Literary Event, and for the first time, by Myneko Broadhurst's invite, I attended.
The Reading Divas (only half of them photographed in the caption) truly captured and embraced my passion. I counted at least 14 ladies who hosted this spectacular event that included 3 other avidly active book clubs, 24 great authors, and over 200 guests.

Has This Ever Happened To You?

...You just finished reading a book so doggone' good that you worry about finding another one similar to it?
This is where I am, and it isn't the first time this has happened. It's got to be the crankiest thing though. On one hand I crave finding books to sink into, but then hate it when I see the story wrapping up, knowing I'm going to be back at that craving, only this time pining for a read that will have to double in intensity to overshadow a hard act to follow.
So, I guess the secret is out of the bag. I loved, LOVED 'No Disrespect.' Words flowed fast and easy writing my thoughts about the book. I've posted reviews here and here. Make no mistake about it, and without apology I know Sister Souljah was fired up addressing the ills she saw and felt all around her. But she delivers her message with as much compassion as she does passion. And that's what I really appreciate in books I consider a hard act to follow. I must feel the author's heartbeat i…

OEBooks Launches A New Look

Today my website went live, in addition to OEBooks getting a new look, all thanks to a super talented web development team. In my book they are experts because... because... well gosh-doggonit, because they had me to work with.
Look, I'm just going to go on and say it. I sure hope I was an okay client. I don't typically categorize myself an extreme expert at compromise when it comes to anything I'm passionate about; which (as if this needs to be added), I was very passionate about OEBooks' old look, for both my blog and website. But I think I did pretty well, in as far as compromise goes. I tied on my compromising hat real tight when told all of my precious designs would have to be redesigned, and clenched my teeth extra hard to some very candid counseling, and said, "okay, sure, I promise... you'll hear not a peep out of me."