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Ten Reasons Why I Read Memoirs

I should open this post with TEN NEW BOOKs I just picked up! I swear I need help, and not help as helping me clear my full plate.
I picked up these ten books crossing everything on me; heart, eyes, fingers, legs... everything on me is crossed hoping I will fall for each... and for one more reason too. Now, I may have covered this before, about why I read and really love memoirs, but I bet I never put it like this.
The NUMBER 1 reason I read (and love) Memoirs is because they are different.
Now, isn't this amazing? When we hear so much talk about "why the same story over and over and over and yada, yada, yada," and here we have this nice effulgent elegant memoir shelf which promises to give readers something different each time they open a book. How can this shelf be passed over?

Reading & Comprehension… “So, Grade Me!”

All-righty, let's see how well she who purports to be so diligent about absorbing what she reads does on this little test I'm about to present.
And oh by the way, I've never flat out failed a test. At least not one I’ve gone back to see the results. I mean, like how off my rocker must I be to return to retrieve a test I know good and well I've failed. Like what do 'we' say to each other... me and the inescapable unstoppable academic who has risked life, limb, and liberty to brighten my outlook? "I'm sorry," and "you morass!?!”
Think about that though. A brilliant scholar has gone through all this quagmire to wizen us up, and then we show up with the unremitting audacity to look this learnt professional straight in the face, to accept a test result that openly manifests our morass didn't get it. How off a compass must we be? ...To face anyone under these dire originations, after so blandly and boldly failing to recognize some 300-plus hard b…

What’s in Titling A Book?

A lot. That’s what’s in creating a title. After coming up with a premise for a story, and then taking that story through a malicious paper ratchet, to finally land at that sweet long awaited lengthy sigh, the dealmaker then follows. And that dealmaker is none other than the title.
Well, wait. Not quite. First I must insert the naming of characters. I take naming my characters very serious. The name has to fit; has to have a certain ring, as I get instantaneous visuals of personalities by the ring in a name.

...from the Snail Reader

So that I, and others, don't have keep looking over at my to-read list and seeing the same titles post after post, as if I haven't read a book all year long, I've decided it's time for  some book blogging quality control here. Surely this maintenance is long overdue. It totally salts the point of advertising a list that appears I'm ignoring; particularly given all the books I have been reading and posting reviews on elsewhere. I have no ready-made answer for how I let this happen, however rather than getting windy about the matter, I'll labor on with what I've done to fix this riddle.
Below is a list of titles categorized by outlook of when I hope to read the book.
Note: If I've received a review request, but that title isn't listed below, then I either haven't purchased the book, or haven't yet completed my due diligence to see if the book is a subject I'm interested in adding to a list already in need of serious love.

Fessing Up!

She's in... And she is lovely!
I am deeply humbled to have published FOUR titles this year. My Love (Contemporary Romance, the Rhapsody Series5th Sequel), and Double Dare (Chic-lit Contemporary Fiction) are available on Amazon, and as well for direct purchase at events where I'll participate. Mindless (Mystery), and now finally A Blast From the Past (Poetry), will only be available for purchase directly through me. The limited release is for tracking research because...
...Honest to goodness I am in as much love with my books as those I crave and rave over written by other authors. I trust  that readers who want to read more of my work will appreciate why I feel this research is necessary.

Pardon the Interval, Cheesing is Important

There are a few subjects where I try not to overly extend myself, (in as far as what's covered on OEBooks Book Blog). One of those subjects is accenting public personalities, or in other talk, celebrities. It feels a little too much like cheesing. But I'd much rather be cheesing, than broaching topics *outside* of influences involving reading and writing.
I think I can almost count the number of times I have stepped outside of the bookish arena. Now, I may have to use both hands, and maybe a foot to do the count, but then who’s counting when there are times that just can't be helped... such as this occasion—catching a photo/video of First Lady, Michelle Obama, and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabrielle Douglas, with Jay Leno on the Examiner.

Mood Enhancers

This post was inspired by my good blogging buddy bev, who blogs over at the Paperie.
If there's one thing to know, I know my mood enhancers. I know them. I know them. I know them because I regularly rely on them. Books are at the top of my list when I'm looking to enhance my mood, which speaking of that, I have to break in here to let the world know I just let two mood enhancers walk right out the door. Really it was four, but won't count two of them since I can always get my hands on a copy of my own books.

Yes, I had a visitor this weekend who is not a usual reader, but who saw my library and turned into a reader on sight. The thing is however, I'm supposed to be encouraging and supporting this type behavior, which initially I was.

Learning is FREE!

Be careful what you mark down and throw out. It could be another's treasure." ß Worth really reading into.
Two recent posts (one on Book Blogs and the other on She Writes) prompted this post. Both sources are linked, rather than summarizing, since it inspired this whole new addition to the discussion—Welcoming different books, or UNDERSTANDING the relevance of DIVERSE reading and writing.

Understanding should not be confused with acceptance, except before I get to swaying around on the soapbox, I must put this out there. I used to be a book snob. There. I admitted it. If you ever talked with me about my reading habits—back in the day—there'd be no way missing my very unhappy feelings on reading fiction. But I'm not taking the blame crunched over. Besides, it wasn't just me. The majority of my non-fiction reading friends were book snobs. We wouldn't go near fiction, and especially not romance. But what nerve, huh?

Kathryn White Talks About Being Abigail

The book with the eye that sat on my desk (on my to-read pile), always seeming to be keeping an hard eye on me while I worked on other projects, I finally picked up and read. Yes, Abigail told me in so many stares I had better read her, and I did, and really enjoyed the story. And so now I am very pleased to be honored with an interview from the author, Kathryn White. I call Being Abigail the perfect idling read because I read it at a time when I needed something not so intense, or dramatic to read. This book was truly that book; a very comfortably paced story about a young woman blogging to sort out her relationship with the charming Samuel, centered around one near perfect Chastity MacKenzie and her (almost) mother-in-law, a woman who I came to look forward to encounters with her in the scene. And, of course too, let's not leave out Abigail. After all, she is only the star!