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...Hangin' On to a Great Read!

Teaser Tuesday is back, although I'm holding off on lending two sentences from the book I'm reading. At the rate I'm going, still 300 and some odd pages left to go (of a 500+ page book), that by the time I'm finished I could very well end up reprinting the entire book... right here on my blog, and that just would not be cool.
But there's absolutely nothing like it...hangin on to a great read! I'm utterly immersed in this story. And just in case the caption wasn't a good enough clue, it's Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin that I'm reading. Unlike some of the other finance and business books I've read, Sorkin's account is longer and slightly different in the way it's written. Initially I was thinking a novel, but have since changed my position on that thought. This is definitely journalism. However, what's slightly different about this book, from books such as 'The Wrong Answer Faster' by Michael Goodkin and 'The Smarte…

Reading Paraphernalia

The first time I went skiing the one thing I really appreciated were the instructions. Not knowing what to expect I assumed we would jump into skis and just hit the slopes. Thankfully it wasn't how this lodge operated. For all those who admitted (at the check-in counter) to having never skied before, we were taken aside and given basic ski lessons. And let me stress here again how much I appreciated those lessons. What looked like easy-peasy taught me a great lesson about assumptions.

OEBooks Gets Not One, Not Two, but Three Awards!

Someone, somewhere has to be saying... please don't give that woman a microphone and ask her to talk about herself. But someone did, and I've done just cleared my throat, however before I get going, and if you've been reading this blog, you will find that I am a tenacious supporter of writers, authors, bloggers, and reading communities in general. In other words, I'm not like that. It's really not all about me, though too, and only if you've been reading along, you'll know I have this 'dry' wit about me that enjoys this kind of teasing. Essentially making fun of myself.

Teaser Tuesday

Felt like enjoying a little blog fun after stopping by the Reading Rendezvous Reviewz (the only affair her husband will allow), who checks in on OEBooks from time to time.
It's Teaser Tuesday over at the Rendezvous, a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB of 'Should Be Reading.' Anyone can play along. The rules are simple:

Storytelling Bookends

Because I believe "Reading is Fundamental" is what inspired this post... well that and a reading matter I bumped into, explaining the caveats of helping children 'want' to read for enjoyment. Surely this can't be an issue due to a lack of books.
Imagining how educators might be encouraging young minds to acquire a natural liking for reading had me thinking back on what helped every avid reader I've ever talked with, read about, or interviewed, to include myself. We all admitted to growing this reading penchant by reading 'tabooed' books. And this is not to imply that writers vamp up on the wicked writing, but rather my avow that I do not advocate censorship where it applies to reading books.

Balancing the Optimism and the Pessimism

This is a long post, and I know... as if you can't see the type running down this page, but I just wanted to acknowledge the fact since I prefer each post be between 500 – 700 words. At any rate, and thus the other reason for that disclaimer, I try hard to look for the beauty and nicety in things... and people, but this week the pessimism has really climbed to my top shelf. Every glass I've looked at, looked half empty. Normally when I get like this, I stick my face—fast—inside a book, but before I go there, let me start here... to impart a little of the pessimism I've been dealing with.