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Passing the Buck…

A while back, and for whatever reason, a few people felt inclined to look me sternly in the eye and tell me how important it was that I keep my word. I didn't want to be rude, and in at least two instances I had no choice but to courteously nod, yet something about these type interfaces didn't sit right with me.
What could it be? One thing about me, I can be incredibly loyal to those close to me. I also believe it is important to keep ones word. Wishy-washiness doesn't wash well over on me either. And even so, I got really bothered by this admonishing.

What's My Reading Been Looking Like for 2011?

I honestly would like to have read a little more this year. At the beginning of the year I challenged myself to read a hundred books, but had to shave that number down to thirty-five. Between working on my (own) novels and blogging, and the MOOD thing, I just couldn't carve out another square of time to bask into reading. And believe me, I love basking in books. I'm no speed reader. It concerns me if I think I skipped over a word, so there's no way I'd deliberately skip a whole page.

How to Handle a To-Do List… you know what you're doing. Now, if you haven't believed a word I've thus far written on this blog, you must, and I stress this bending over backwards, you must believe I know what I'm talking about here. This one is my specialty. Handling a to-do list like never heard of, or done before.
First, let me tell you what I got myself into. Yes, I thought, why not host a book club. Reading is important to me, and so why not socialize with others who enjoy reading as well. That's why when I heard about Mocha Girls growing chapters in California, and branching out across the country, I said again, why not? Why not add one more little check box to my to-do list to host a chapter right here in Philly, Pa.?

On Writing About Family & Relationships

Not that this isn't a quay for others, it just happens to be my Quay too. I come from a large family. On both sides and all sides up into the great-grandparents lots of children were born. They had lots of children, and the children had lots of children, and finally along came birth control, followed by distilling into the conscience that it was better to wait...complete a job, or career...and then after some success had been attained, to start shopping extend the family.

Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story by Ingrid Ricks

...but first, let me plug this story. It was a little over a year ago when I first heard about Hippie Boy, and was intrigued the moment I caught the plug (on Book Blogs). Right away I asked the author where could I purchase a copy and, of course, was disappointed to hear this alluring plug was actually a work in progress. I heard this before. Many writers take years, if ever, to move their work out of this status.
So, now imagine how excited I was to hear (a year later) Hippie Boy was available for purchase! I was so excited I actually let out a cheer. I am humbled and honored Ingrid agreed to this online Q&A chat. It honestly is an inspiration that keeps on giving.

Sunday’s Reminiscence

For this post I'm plugging something that crossed my mind today. Imagine that... something coming cross your mind.
After opening a piece of mail that contained a book I soon hope to read, and flipping through, I happened to latch onto a section describing how much fun the 70's and 80's... leading into the 90's were. Oh, there are no truer words.
So, like me, I got to thinking around... remembering how my parents, and grandparents, talked about their days. I don't know, maybe they hoped to instill pride in us, or the will to want to work hard, have it easier, perhaps remember where we came from... I'm not entirely convinced on this view, still musing on what day they really hoped the next generation would see. I mean, please re-read this part... and do like I do. Really think about it.

Separating the Creator from the Creation

One of the funniest episodes that sort of parallels what makes it almost like second nature for me to see the creation apart from the creator, is a scene I remember on the Jefferson's; the old 80's sitcom, and please do forgive me if the date is not right. You'll see why in a sec.
Gladys Knight was a guest in that episode. She, and the hilarious maid, Florence, were at a spa enjoying one of them spazzy body massages. In this scene both had cucumbers covering their eyes, so Florence didn't realize who she was talking to. Their chat ended up with Gladys singing a verse (I believe) from one of her own songs, to which Florence tells the Gladys Knight to "keep trying...eventually she'll get it!"