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First Date & A Soul Mate

Okay now, this is a little RISKAY, but if it'll help someone find that Valentine soul-mate then Oh man! Let me tell the tale about this first date! 
First is first. Don't read this as if it's about me - okay? I'm only using first person because it reads better that way. ("^") Straight to the chase, the guy was popular. I’ve dated popularity before, but not this type of reputation. My friends were going, “oool…he asked you out…” repeating the same phrase a variation of times. Of course all this oool business has my heart pumping. What should I wear? What should I say? How do I act? What in the hell am I doing? I should’ve said no! This guy is way out of my league!

Giving Back... One-Look Parenting Style

There’s a child out here somewhere whose parent was asking the famous whodunit question, “what happened?” To which the child answered in the standard panache, “it wasn’t me…wasn’t my fault.” Whereby someone turns to my son and ask him, “now, could you have gotten over on your mother with a lie like this?” Of course my son laughed, and he laughed fairly hard.
Having children young may have been a primary reason why my parenting style was easier applied. The age difference made for a better connection. We essentially grew up together, and while it may sound backwards, but I was their friend first. Then mentor. And now I am their mother. 
Growing up together I only had one must. When I gave my children ‘this look’, they understood I was serious and stopped whatever behavior they were doing.

An Inspiration Great

In line with what I do, and honoring my history, I venerate Dr. Maya Angelou. She is the first author of color I read, and my greatest inspiration.
I can’t recall exactly how I came upon Maya’s book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, or what intrigued me to want to read it. Unless I was reading poetry, Paul Lawrence Dunbar being one poet I came to appreciate, I kept away from authors writing hard about their experiences of my history. I mean, one book I got a hold of, about a young girl and her brother living with this cruel slave master, did it for me. I vowed never to pick up another book like this ever again.
So, Richard Wright, Dick Gregory, Paul Robeson, who my father pressed upon me to read, I love to pieces and celebrate as well, but it took years before I could pick up one of their books and read from front to back. Maya is who I have to credit and thank for helping me to go back and read my history.