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I’m always thinking, ‘what is it I’m not saying/writing’ that would explain why I write the way I do.

But first, before I go there, let me break in here.
I’m reading one of the fiction books on my to-read list, and it is so-so-sooooo good. YAE! Let me just say, it’s exactly what I needed. I truly thank authors who write the way ‘they do’, which puts me back to where I was. 
After finishing my latest books, I must admit I was a little winded. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. I was about to ask someone if I could borrow their pulse. Now I know I’ve written it somewhere before, how I want to write the way authors, as in the author who I’m currently enjoying write, but each time I veer that way, along comes the master hand to steer me the other way! Darn it, it has to be a treat to see me wrestling with them second drafts trying to work in the sugar, when along comes Billie Holidays quote and the reminder that there’s a reason for why I write the way I do.
I hear myself saying it all …

Brandon Massey, Horror Thriller Writer

There have been many books, and one author who is my greatest writing inspiration, however Brandon Massey was my first and greatest inspiration to self-publish. My following of Brandon began innocently, surfing the web looking to reach out to interesting people to incorporate in a newsletter I published. This was during the very early 2000’s when surfing the web was a new phenomena for me. And there he was…Brandon Massey, a young author speaking on his debut book, Thunderland, he wrote and self-published. He shared, what I now consider, humble details on how he was promoting and distributing the book, except his effort sure caught my attention. The brotha’ was doing something I had an interest in pursuing.
I signed up to receive his newsletter. Looked into the self-publishers he mentioned. And actually even reached out to Brandon to let him know how inspired I was, and was surprised to receive a warm reply in return.
So, now imagine me one day in a bookstore, Barnes & Noble to be e…

Scrubbing a Manuscript

Just realized my few story-telling tips I took down after deleting Storytella’s blog. But rather than repost that post, I’ll blog the post in another way.
In short (my now favored phrase), my big tip on rolling out stories is always to begin with a small premise. The premise can be something as simple as deciding to join a gym. Grid the premise out, which ‘gridding’ is basically your outline…first this, then that, then this…and so forth and so on, to give that beginning, middle, and trusty old ending. And I know, it sounds simple, and truly it is, although perhaps in another post I’ll put it in paragraph form. But just think how many of these thousands of simple premises we come across daily. That’s essentially thousands of stories a day! Imagine that…except, then there’s the scrub. And, oh boy.

Meet Jason Ancona, Covert Youth Agency (C.Y.A.) Author

Starting out this year 'reading' fiction, I happened to come across Jason's synopsis for his debut book, Covert Youth Agency, alias C.Y.A., and immediately found my interest piqued.
"An elite group of nerds fight injustices by running a clandestine operation in high school..."

Yes, this line sat me right up, however before this line, it was this message I read first:
"---If ever you're in need of help and you have nowhere else to go, seek out the C.Y.A. We're always watching and we're here for you---"
So, to my wish list this title went, along with looking more into the author, before contacting the author who graciously granted me an interview!
Jason says he "grew up geeky in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, sporting braces, spouting gigahertz, and painting figurines. Turned frat boy in college, he spent time with humans, speaking with said beings, and dancing like a dork -- even with some females. He snuck out of Bradley U. with a market…

Meet Zetta Brown, Novelist & Publisher

With great pleasure I'm kicking off the New Year introducing native Texas author, Zetta Brown, now living in Scotland. Zetta has been on the literary scene since 1998, authoring several short stories that have earned her residency at The Writer’s Colony in Dairy Hollow, secured her the regional first-place National Society of Arts & Letters (NSAL) award for her short story “Black Water,” along with many publications that have published her short stories, articles, and interviews.
Currently Zetta is the Editor-in-Chief for LL-Publications, a company she owns with husband, author and publisher Jim Brown. In addition to the titles Zetta has written, “Cherries Jubliee," "Devil Don’t Want Her," and her debut erotic romance title that caught my attention; "Messalina–Devourer of Men,” LL-Publications also has to its credit several other titles written by a diverse group of authors available in print and ebook format.
It is an extra plus, and again with great pleasu…