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A Reader’s Confessions

Is that title Englishy correct? That's my first confession.
Another confession is, with the exception of one genre, which happened more by accident, I don't read books where I've seen the movie first, and vice-versa. One or the other, that being the book or the movie, spoils me... or things. I.E., Roots, The Color Purple, Precious...
Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is the book I credit for influencing me to put my aspirations into motion. Teaser here; when I got to seeing myself as Hem & Haw, I jumped up from the conference table and scurried into action. Polished off five books I had lying around and published them.

Ruminating on Power

Before I get on with this post, just as an FYI, in case it might be helpful for someone else to know, I can't over emphasize how simplicity is the best! My Goodness!!! I won't even explain what I was just doing, but just know I was putting far too much thought into it. Every time, and I mean ever single last blasted time, whether working on a novel or working on one of these posts, if I find myself spending too much time, either thinking too hard, or trying harder, my effort always, never fails, to end up turning into one hefty catastrophic blue calamity. But if I just go off the cuff, straight from what's in my heart at the time... and whaala... there she is, an angel.
Now wait... and haha... while I spent less than 30-minutes writing this post, *My Top Five things to do when there is no power* this is not one of the posts I'm all so enamored with. Yes, she was written off the cuff, but it's hardly one of my 'there she is's... and then an angel...'

When the Mood is Right

This is actually one reason... no wait... it's two reasons why I am reluctant to call a book bad. Repeatedly I've tried, and each time find myself in that vicious spin cycle trying to define bad. It's like standing before a mural with the ridiculously loud price tag thinking... now that's got to be the most unsightly creation I've ever seen. And I know for a fact it's not just me. Even babies in strollers pushed up to this differential visual will point at the monstrosity and shriek, "ill!" And of course too, this hasn't failed either. A scholar will walk right up to me and in this deep burgeoning voice, will explicitly explain how something so unquestionably differential, is so deceitfully beautiful. And true to the unscholar, I'll go along with all of this, nodding my head up and down, running a few more laps through my thoughts deciding the scholar has to be right. Bad really shouldn't even be a word in the dictionary.
My second reason…

Subject to Interpretation

Just finished reading Fierce's post, the Glory and Humor of Literary Interpretation, who so perfectly conveyed my thoughts on what I've tapped dance around in many posts. 
Many, many times I've sat back and thought, WoW, should I even dare write another book if this is the way the material is being interpreted? Of course I continue writing, but only because it's so second nature to me. I've just never been a wrapped up in counting fans type of person. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll do my all to treat a fan like gold, but I would not, and let me reemphasize this, I WOULD NOT be writing books if my sole purpose was to buy a lot of fans and make a lot of money. To put it nicely, and hopefully none of what I'm about to put nicely gets lost in translation, but there are millions of other ways to buy-in people and make lots of money. One of the last, and must I add, most difficult and time-consuming ways to make lots of fans and loads of money is writing.

She's Hereee...

SHE WRITER Blogger Ball #6!It's only my second ball, but after the last one, I must say when I saw the announcement I sighed with relief, "Right on time!" ~Thank's Meg!
The last ball I joined turned out to be a really good time, particularly excited about meeting two writers, and bloggers, who won me over right away. Marina (How To Write Like You Love It) is writing a memoir, which being a memoir reader I hope to read her memoir soon. I also do humor, which Beverly Diehl writing in the flow writes my kind of humor.

What I’m Reading...

So in Love Thanks Jill!

Had to throw that one out there first. Gosh, I love her music! And I am So in Love. So in Love with my Family. So in Love with my Work. And So in Love with Myself! ...Aaaaaaah! So go get that tune to be in love too!
So you must know how my weekend went. Ha Ha. Let's see...

Help - Not Wanted

You must know I want to add my two cents on our economic crisis. Been wanting to add it since something like 1990, around the time when I was attending a mandatory division meeting and mention of this new technology came up, promising to reduce costs. Soon as I heard the words 'reduce costs' I thought, "Ut oh, This don't sound so good."
Now you know, in division meetings of this size no small time employee is supposed to be standing up asking questions. They say there are no dumb questions, and everyone is encouraged to speak up, but no one really means this. Try it and unlike Mikey who eats everything, you might not like it. But me, just like Mikey tried it. I stood up and asked, "Well, what's going to happen to all the jobs that are being replaced by machines?"

Private Musings Publicized

Musing over comments received about my books, I thought why not make a note journaling some of them, especially since most of the feedback I get is verbal. It's my public show of praise for a few words getting a lot of use.
Most of the feedback has been on Leiatra's Rhapsody. Started off with the questions. "How did the Rapper..." forget the question, but being the first bit of feedback I recall very well thinking that maybe I was writing too over the top. And of course I got quite a few side-glances, and the "...girrrlll!" Along with, "how did you piece this together!?!" ...and "what made you come up with that name... 'Leiatra?' I got the too long, too slow hints too. But the comment that really floored me was when I heard, "this is borderline porn!"

Raw & UnCut

A Little Some of Me

I'm still working on my audio books, trying to get all of my work on audio, but for the interim of time I went ahead and had a snippet of my poems uploaded to my website.  Tried to get it on my blog, but took a minute too long to get it to work. 
At any rate it's raw, and uncut, but should give some idea of my rhythm and style.
Click the LINK. And/or go to the WORK PAGE.