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How Long Should It Take To Write a Blog Post?

This is something I sometimes think about. How long should I spend on writing blog posts? So, as if I even need to type this out, to answer the question this post is going to go faster than any post I’ve ever written before. And it’s going to go fast for two reasons. 1) I’m challenging myself to pull together thoughts in (written format) quicker. And 2) Tonight I’m really pressed for time.
Trying to balance the way I spend my time blogging and socializing, and reading and writing, I started realizing I was spending a little more time than I want blogging. In one way I want the experience (on my end) to be relaxing and easy-going, and not swell myself up trying for perfection. But then at the same time, realizing the business aspect, content and the entertainment factor is very important…that being alongside not giving away too much. No, there’s nothing here truly world saving, and I’m not CNN. It’s just that when I got to scrolling through all the posts I’ve written, but never publis…

OEBooks Receives the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

I was just laughing with someone today about how you’d think with the way technology was first touted it would be able to do all that, and then some. Turns out that some technologies still can’t supercede human technology, like that voice command some companies use to help save on hiring a real person to answer calls. Once I coughed into the phone while going through the teleprompts, and sneezed another time, (what we happened to be laughing about), and the system disconnected because the cough, sneeze, and ‘excuse me’ weren’t acceptable responses. Not all automation is efficiently replacing what used to work just fine. But then there are other things about technology that, quite frankly, just can’t be beat.

Most Likely

It would seem with all I blog about I’d include more about my books. I should be all over the Internet looking for opportunities to show-case my work. There are reasons I don’t do this, which reminds me of the time when I came out with my first set of books. I was out at a restaurant with my mother meeting a young woman who was giving me ideas of places to host my first book party. It was the funniest, and coolest, and really quite inspirational meeting listening to this woman pumping up my books, right there in the restaurant! In less than a few minutes she had a couple of tables, plus the owner of the restaurant interested in my books.

Help Me Out

There is no deed more altruistic than those who give selflessly of themselves. I’m just about finished reading The Bee Eater, and this is what I assess of Michelle Rhee, and a number of others, to include the author Richard Whitmire, who assuredly as well marshals over the neglect of poor children (through his writing) not exclusively attributed to the homes and communities they come from. Schools are a part of the problem too.
Having attended schools (K-12) where enrollment was 99.98% black, coupled by my experiences with schools my children attended—mostly suburban, a few military, and fewer urban—I noted the differences, making The Bee Eater quite relatable. Only here I’m privy to the political inferences behind my limited view as well. And putting it mildly, here and there, a few of my feathers have been ruffled.

Harnessing Inspiration

Ooops. I think I better pull on the reigns and get this 'waiting to collide' mentoring gaffe back on track.
I said I do not solicit criticism, but didn’t say I can’t accept it. This is where ‘reading’ comes in handy, which I’ll be first stepping up to the home plate to admit getting swept up in swift downdrafts, frequently running downhill (real fast) backwards with wrong facts.

OEBooks' Versatile Award

EK Family Books nominated OEBooks for the Versatile Award. Selecting from a list of synonyms I take this to mean ingenuous and dynamic. I'll take that. Thanks E&K Family. I really appreciate the compliment.
Upon receiving this award, we must do 2 things. 1) Admit 7 random things about ourselves, and 2) Pass it along to 5 other Versatile Bloggers.
And so, first being first...