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Reflecting on Empowerment

Okay, so I finished reading Bone Black by Bell Hooks. Kind of had my hopes to take on three books this week but this one, and it’s a small book, spun me around a few more times than I counted on. So least I need to spell out, unless I get a hold of ‘a whole lot of’ Jack n Jill books, I may have to forget having taken on this 100-book reading challenge.
I love cooing over books but this one I struggled to grasp (what I’m calling) the chaste background narration. And I would have done like I've done other books I struggled with, had not it been for it's empowering premise.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The best description I got on the matter of inspired creativity, or inspiration, I got from the best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love. Putting all the tentacles on Elizabeth’s description, the way her portrayal hit my ears when it did, is what I call really stirring. Now of course I can’t recall her words verbatim. My memory bank only chisels out so much... this orb (so-to-speak), coming ashore (let’s say), and how this woman makes a mad dash for her house so that she can be at her desk ready to write when the orb passes through her body. Unbelievable. Until that moment I never ‘actually’ pictured inspiration. But there it was, or is, and by all accounts that I’m familiar with, is exceedingly accurate.

My Two Cents...

…not an exaggeratingly pricey tuppence, but then in they way one journalist below researched it, pennies can add up. Mines, and about a good population of ‘others’ imparting our thoughts on noble topics of today… which reminds me, other than the one antiquated poem I wrote titled ‘It’s a Bona Fide Fact…’, I’ve got to post a few tidbits on what research is. For now, I’m throwing my coins on several articles I thought opinion-worthy.

Radical RevLa Showin’ RYCJ Some Love!

Still on the kick of meeting readers and reviewers, and as well authors and those invested in parts of the book world, I happened to bump into a blogger who on impact snagged my interest.
Rev. LaWaughn Rouse, or Radical RevLa, turned my interest dial way up after I responded to a post on SHEWrites (a ning community of primarily she-writers) and she responded right back. Let me tell you, initially I was shaking some kind of funny when her email showed up in my email inbox. You see, after responding to this one particular post, I was already shaking to begin with. This happens occasionally. Believe it or not, many times I actually try keeping some comments under my hat. In this case I let one go, which twenty minutes after letting it go I thought maybe I shouldn’t have. Too late to backtrack I moved on to phase two… hoping she-ningers would skip over reading my quip and pose a quip of their own.
Didn’t happen. Opened my inbox to find a message from Rev. Rouse responding to the post. Imme…

*NEW* 2011 Reading Dilemma!

At the end of last year I invented a challenge of my own. I (carefully) selected a few fiction books, since I don’t ordinarily read fiction, and decided to read and review those books regardless of whether or not they were my cup of tea.
Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Messalina: Devourer of Men, Painted Picture, True Confessions,and My Desperate Love Diary were the books selected. I admitted to sweating a little, but all praises to many singing angels things turned out fine. Yet, I don’t think I’ll try that challenge again. I prefer having the option of closing books in the event my mood starts sliding down the melancholy scale.

Discovering a Grand Slam!

It’s not easy finding a book to appeal to my mood when I need it. Before the Internet I would do like Barb@RisqueReviews used to do, ...rake those shelves with a fine toothcomb looking for that certain for-sure unshakeable read.
I purchased Life on the Color Line, hesitantly so, thinking…, ‘do you really want to read another book about race and racial divides?’ The last thing I wanted to read was another story about how white and black people live and see. I mean, what other book could top Black Like Me? To which least I omit the other (on the color line) books I’ve purchased where my instincts hadn’t exactly kicked in.

The Big Picture

Normally I stray around issues. I don’t even like writing the word issues in the context I’m about to use it in. And @uNowhouR, I’ll let you slap my hand for all the irregular wrongly positioned verbs, and nouns, and adjectives I’m about to use, and may have already used, that will jump over each other like popcorn in a skillet.
In the past week I have read about depression, and the duties of communities, and wisdom, and weirdness, and now dodging a government shutdown… alongside my own laziness and why I don’t mind uncorking this lazy plug to flagrantly advertise. Put all this together and I decided to go on and mix ‘em in one pot to write this post.

Rockin' My Soul

One aspect of writing that used to really fuel me, and that was the study of other's work… cliff notesinterpreting a book, stuff like that... and being tested on it!?!
“Why doesn’t the author grade the papers?!” ~ my top notch question. The cliff book could be wrong, and I could be right... exactly why Mignon McLaughlin's quote from the Neurotic's Notebook resonated with me. "A critic can only review the book he has read, not the one which the writer wrote."
~ Of course only the author knows the full intention(s) of his or her work.

Engaging Reader-Reviewer@Risqué Reviews

I’m meeting my second reader-reviewer who has accepted my invite to be interviewed. I won’t dare say I possess some sort of mental telepathy, though I do work off instinct quite a bit, but when I caught a risqué comment on Book Blogs I must admit my curiosity was stoked.
Sharing much about why I write, and the books I write, it’s just as interesting to learn about the vibes stirring on the other side of “my” coin. Questions such as reading preferences and how and why a genre was chosen interest me. How long has the reader-reviewer been reading, and reviewing, and do they read only one genre, or many? The more I mix and mingle in the book world, the larger and more absorbing the picture is becoming.
Barb, mom, wife, and blogger of Risqué Reviews, is another prime example. Exemplified in this lively interview she typifies how interesting and enjoyable exploring the rich tapestries of books can be.