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Top Pic of the Week

Aaah… this has to be it!  The Art of True Livin’! All this bear is missing are shades and a cigarette.

MOOD, Madness, and Reading

I started reading Lord Vishnu's Love Handles by Will Clarke a while back. I picked up the book after catching an excerpt of it that sounded fascinating. I think the sort of spy novel description was what wheeled me in. That in conjunction with the laughing I expected to be doing.
So, I start reading the book and learn instantly it’s indeed right up my alley. The writing is plain, and when I say plain, I mean each sentence is civil enough that all levels of comprehension should be able to read from one sentence to the next without feeling lost.

Amid quite a bit of sarcasm the man has a failing business, a wife he suspects of cheating, and a drinking problem. Clear enough. And the way the story is told is not only humorous, but interesting enough that I’m already congratulating myself on what a great eye I have for selecting great books.

Singing in the Sandbox

Writing is fun, but it is work too. I haven’t heard of a writer anywhere who equates writing even close to glamour. Most writers keep busy thinking and rethinking. Writing and rewriting. And if this isn’t enough, there’s the guessing and second-guessing, similar to what I tinker on below… 10 challenges worth mention.

Meet Reader & Reviewer, Kathy@Books Kids Like

I’m switching gears here, something that’s been in the plan since I began interviewing authors. For the next couple of months I plan to query readers and reviewers about their reading preferences, useful insight for authors. @Books Kids Like is my first selection.
As I shared with Kathy, @Books Kids Like, it was how she grabbed my attention that piqued my interest. The moment I began cruising through her blog, and great selection of books, I said to myself “this blogger has a great handle on the way she introduces books.” A major custodian voice was written all over Books Kids Like blog. It was only after a few visits when I peeked over at her bio, when it hit me, “oh, that’s how she lured me in. With that teacher’s persuasion I’ve long since been away from!” I should have known she was a home-educator and high-school English teacher.

Uncensored Content

This won’t take long, I promise not to hold you up. Being the primary caregiver behind OEBooks I want to be sure a few facts are clear.
Foremost, I SUPPORT AUTHORS. While I do not read unfinished or unsolicited manuscripts, I do read and review other books. In those reviews I strive to provide not only an honest opinion, but an assessment I hope the author either appreciates, or can use in future work. On very rare occasions, one and one on the way to be exact, have I accepted a book provided by the author, without charge. This is because the best way I find to support authors is by purchasing their books.

I Was Gonna...the Long Haul

...My Road to Indie Publishing

In case I neglected to say; I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer. At four-years old I told my father this, and he told me I didn’t have any experiences. It was the first step toward what I call the long haul… gaining knowledge and wisdom through experiences.
Initially I wanted to pursue journalism, except the experimental road I sojourned didn’t allow me to afford the major universities I wanted to attend. The best I made out with was a business degree, racking up more experiences, going to work for major corporations, though holding on to hope always trying to figure a way in.

Opening the Comment Box

I really appreciate everyone who has contacted me by email to provide comments, and on occasions ask about my comment box. I disabled the box trying to prioritize my workload, which at the time, managing eight blogs and trying to keep up with commenting on the ning rings and twitter and the hosts of other doings that come along with writing and publishing, things got a little unmanageable.
I only ask that you try not to inundate me with replies. Just one comment really excites me, which puts my husband’s nerves on edge. He doesn’t care for missing the final score of a game because I’m standing in front of the TV trying to explain a blogging experience. He hates this kind of talk, which bothers me because I want to know he’s supporting me. Too many replies could really mess us up. I mean, I can’t imagine what might come to be if he has to miss an entire game because I insist on us talking all this out in therapy sessions.
Okay, so I’m back to being silly. Which speaking of silly, I thin…

One Quirky Way of Seeing e-Books vs. Real Books

I'm just going to go on and say it, this e-book business between publishers, authors, and consumers in today's era is a paradoxical foible. Did I write foible? I think I mean fallacy, or diabolical maybe. Oooh! No. Just looked up diabolical. Don’t think I mean that.
Here’s the way I see it. On one end there are the consumers who see e-books in the same container as they saw physical books… when it comes to price, of course. In the virtual form it shouldn’t cost as much ‘most’ argue, even if books in this form are so much more convenient to carry around. And consumers are talking about carrying around tons of books... while on vacation!?! But never mind that convenience factor, many consumers still believe it has to cost more to print books.


…I stumbled upon Family Matters and More: Stories of My Life in Soviet Russia, looking for a read that would keep ‘me’ balanced. Shortly after I posted my thoughts on Sol’s moving collection of stories, he stumbled across my review… and contacted me. It was a pleasant surprise, another encouraging treat that convinces me, ‘authors supporting authors’ is important.
From Solomon (Sol)’s bio on Goodreads, he is a Research Engineer in Nuclear Engineering, born in the city of Odessa, Ukraine (formerly USSR) where he lived for over 50 years. “After earning my Ph.D. degree, I managed a research sector and became an associate professor. In 1989, I entered the USA under refugee status. My first book was published in 2007; my second book was published in 2009. Both books were written in English which I started to learn coming to the USA when I was well over 50.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It pleases me without end that Sol has …