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Mood Music

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(Of course) it's no secret what I'm up to. But a promise, is a promise. I promised to keep up with the blogging, which is kind of slipping as I diligently check the big boxes on my hefty to-do list.
So this post will be a little quirky, more so a note to myself than anything else, listing my MOOD MUSIC. These are the songs I credit as the main inspirational driver behind my upcoming titles.
Now, as if I need to make this post any quirkier, I'm not the typical 3 gigabyte filled to capacity music lover. I can listen to one song for a few weeks straight. So when I credit these artist for inspiring along my upcoming titles, let me just say...I am really crediting them.

Take Sheryl Crow...All I Wanna Do...listened to her for about a week. (Minus when I'm writing or sleeping... ha...say a few hours a day then?)
Michael Jackson...Man in the Mirror...he used up another week.
Anthony Hamilton...Can't Let Go...another week...or maybe a week and a half. This …

Novel Writing – The Best Parts

Writing a book is an experience to experience. After writing one book, and then two, three, four…and so on and so forth, I can hardly come down on anyone who has sat down to put one together. Try it. Not only will you learn a lot about yourself, but you’ll also come to understand what other writers are up against (in intricate details).
But enough of that. This is the fun part - the best parts of novel writing.
The Idea ~ has to be the best part. Everyone who has written a book, and even those who plan to or always wanted to write a book know all too well about this part. This is the part where thousands of ideas invade the psyche making one think, “this idea would make a great book!”
Flushing Out the Idea ~ is fun too. Well, that’s if you can get through this part. This is where you find out just how good, or durable, that idea really is. But if it passes the trial there can be nothing sweeter than seeing a full story about to full-bloom be born.
Creating Character Names ~ even better!…

Chocolate Flavor Anonymous

Wait a minute now! I’m browsing the Net today, and it’s so funny how things usually happen for me, but this angsty headline catches me in the hair follicle of a click, almost turning my keyboard upside down.

Whadt!?! Chocolate Associated with Depression?

No way! I’ve been hooked on chocolate since I was two. And I know I had nothing to be depressed about at two. Well, maybe I did, but I wouldn’t have known about it. And still, after all these years eating chocolate like a straight line is long, I’m still not depressed. At least I don’t think I feel depressed. Now, it might be if hooked up to a good depression monitor that baby might turn out all of earth’s lights, but even that don’t prove nothing to me.
I’m sorry, or rather no, I’m not sorry. Those studies are just plain wrong. Sure I’ve gotten depressed here and there. Like who hasn’t, or doesn’t? But for as much chocolate as I’ve eaten, by the sounds of chocolate associating with depression, I should be the walking, mumbling manual of…

Discovering Your Amazing Marriage Interview

Marriage and family is a primary focus of mine. For five years I produced and published a monthly family newsletter (Reviviscence) that reached family across the country and as far away as cousins I learned were natural citizens of Germany. It was a tremendous effort. One that not only has come with many rewards, and memories, but one that keeps me in favor of supporting marriage.
So, imagine coming across authors Debby and Jason Coleman’s book
Discovering Your Amazing Marriage.

It didn’t take long to pike my interest wanting to give love and show support for a book that shares some of the secrets they found to help reignite the romance, respect, and love in their relationship.
Interviewed (September 2010) by RYCJ/OEBooks

The foreword to 'Discovering Your Amazing Marriage' is interestingly powerful enough without saying more, but I'm still curious …