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Moral of a Story

This is the picture I recall being inside children's books of yesterday, not much like the books I’m coming across today. It’s almost like day and night. In fact, I’m finding many of the books of the yesteryears either has been rewritten, or no longer are in print.
Those that stand out are The Three Little Pigs. I was lukewarm on this one. Cute story, but what did I know, or would ever know about building a house? Even at four it was unbelievable. How likely was it that a wolf would ever be able to blow down a house?
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I used to love this one. Can’t remember why, but I preferred this one being read to me over the others. Little Red Riding Hood I didn’t care for too much. That wolf in the bed in place of Grandma, didn’t like it.
The Teeny Tiny Woman was the creepiest story of them all. Maybe it was the way my mother enjoyed reading in that creepy voice, “Give Me My Bone!” This one gave me nightmares! Now I’m seeing many *new* versions of this Teeny Tiny …

My Class of Comedy

I’m going back… way back to the LATE NIGHT classics of comedy I’ve watched more than, a ludicrously mumbling, extreme number of times… so extreme that they played by the repeat indicator all night long. These classics, by all terms, truly set the humor pace.
JuMpiNgJACKFlasHSpiesLike UsDRagNET
USEDCars  I’m Gonna Git You Sucka DAVID LETTERMAN Ruthless PeopleOffice SpaceSourGrapes
Low Down Dirty Shame