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Susie Schecter, 'Lifetimes Ago' Interview

Lifetimes Ago ~ a historical 1930's passionate romance of a modern-day couple discovering A Love Story Inspired From Past Life Memories.
By Susie Schecter
Photo: Provided by the Author

Interviewed by RYCJ/OEBooks 5/2010

What prompted creating Lifetimes Ago? What is the Back Story?
In 2001, I had a powerful experience with my boyfriend Mike. When we first met we experienced several meaningful coincidences in our newly formed relationship and I wanted to find out for sure whether there was a past connection between us. To uncover if we were soul mates or to find out if we ever met in another life we turned to hypnosis. The initial past life regression sessions and those that followed were more successful than either of us could have imagined. Actually in my book there is a chapter at the end of it titled: “the story behind the story” which chronicles the hypnosis and research part of the story.

Saluting Our Armed Forces Service Members

 (1970)     (1977)
The Book     The Movie (1987)     (1995)

Paradoxes of Contradictions

Before I begin, let me be upfront: Read between the lines. There are all kinds of herrings in this one. 
'er Goes: I chide myself all the time about not getting caught up giving advice, sharing tips. Why? Because I believe in diversity, uniqueness. Why try to teach a kitten to bark, or a dog to meow? Or why move to Colorado and pray for warm beaches, or get out to California and complain about the severe lack of snow. Dispensing advice has that same ‘changey’ type of appeal… trying to improve on something that by nature was never meant to be revolutionized.

RYCJsBookPage moves to OSAAT Publishing (OEBooks)

OSAAT Publishing has a new website, launched today. There’s no more music, loads quickly, and looks great. But what’s even more exciting, is all of the work going on behind OSAAT Publishing; upcoming new titles available in more book formats, enhanced cover designs, service offerings, and more. Until those announcements are ready for publication, I will continue posting to this book blog, along with writing reviews for books I enjoy, joining discussions, and adding comments to blogs and social networks that shares an interest in books.
NEW sent to old email will be forwarded for a short period of time. Other contact information remains the same.)

"One Visit & You Could Be Hooked!"

Of all the continents to visit, Europe remains one of my favorite destinations. The eateries, the festivities, the pubs and museums and art galleries and flowerbeds… and oh my, the shopping without end! It, therefore, is within reason that Jo Linsdell’s pocket-size ‘Italian for Tourists’ guide would catch my attention, only to be further delighted that she would grant OEBooks an interview.
Jo, I truly appreciate you taking the time to provide this interview. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Jo Linsdell, freelance writer, regularly writing (in both English and Italian) for websites, newspapers, and magazines. She's also the organizer of PROMO DAY, an all day online international networking event geared to the publishing industry. 
How long have you lived in Rome?
I came to Rome in July 2001 with the intention of staying just 3 days. Days, weeks and months went by and I was still here. After about 6 months here I finally…