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Browsing thru Readers

I’m veering attaway on this post. Instead of focusing on other books and book reviewers, or one of my own books saddled by a quirky hang-up I can’t shake, I’m going to see if I can’t switch things around, musing a bit on reader preferences I’ve come across. Generally compiled, seven in all, this list is in no preferential sequence as any reader 'isa' potential friend of mine.
Factual Readers. They are what I call the heavyweights. Facts are important. Don’t guess. Do your research. ‘Cause if you screw up on those dates, locations, or any facts already proven, whether internal or external to the text, the book is as good as over… wherever they’ve stopped reading. These might be your biography or historical readers.
Serious Readers. They are slightly different than the factual reader. These are our experts and they come looking for one thing and one thing only. More data to compile on to their expert opinions. Whatever you do, don’t get cute, and stay away from creative… unless it…

Off the Wall!!!

Now here’s a real ‘Off the Wall Topic’… 10 TV Shows after all these years (I admit) I still watch. This was television when the shows were rich in diversity. Everyone "on-set" wasn’t trying to “be” a movie star, or rich & famous. These were the days when it was all about family and the things families encountered on a day-to-day basis. A time when I recall TV life being rich and full of familial dealings!
1. The Cosby Show **Entire Cast!!!**
2. The Golden Girls **Sophia**

3. Family Matters **Urkle, Laura & the grandmother**
4. Andy Griffin **Andy and my favorite Barney Fife!!!*
5. The Brady Bunch **Entire Cast**
6. Sanford and Son **Fred G. Sanford!!!**
7. Good Times **Wilona, J.J. & Penny**
8. The Jefferson’s **Florence**
9. All In the Family **Archie!!!**
10. Leave it to Beaver **Entire Cast**

An Old Show I used to watch religiously that I wished still aired: Columbo!!!

New Favorites
Everybody Hates Chris **Chris & Rochelle**

George Lopez **George &am…